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Why Should I Join?

We offer tons of member benefits. When you join, you also become a member of AFT, NEA, AFL-CIO, and FEA. These organizations could save you money on anything from restaurant visits to buying a new home. You also get discounts on legal help, free trainings, discounts on tax preparation, and even movie tickets.

Membership doesn't cost, it pays!

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There is always more to learn about the features listed above. To learn more, you can call us at: (727) 585-6518.

What if there was no PCTA?

  • Teachers have no planning time
  • We had minimal or no family healthcare coverage
  • We were forced to accept take it or leave it raises, if any
  • We had a Strict Dress Code enforcement
  • We did not have designated Staff Lunch areas
  • We were required to attend regular evening meetings
  • There were no duty free lunches
  • There were no limits on preps
  • Administrators did not follow progressive discipline
  • There was limited sick leave and no personal days
  • There was no DROP program and limited retirement benefits
  • There was no terminal pay provision
  • Teachers were required to do extracurricular activities without supplements
  • Unit cuts meant that teachers were laid off instead of placed elsewhere

How Do I Join?

PCTA Membership Form

For instructional staff.

Print out this form and sent it in to join.

* For maintenance workers, cafeteria workers, and bus drivers, please contact SEIU.