PCTA Contract

Pinellas Teachers Vote Yes on Contract

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Mike Gandolfo, PCTA President/Executive Director (727) 585-6518

The Teachers of the Pinellas County Schools have voted to approve the Tentative Agreement reached on August 22nd between the Pinellas County School Board and the Pinellas Classroom Teachers Association (PCTA). The employees voted overwhelmingly in support of the agreement. The tentative agreement passed with 88% of the votes in favor of ratification.

PCTA President, Mike Gandolfo, praised both bargaining teams for their collaborative and respectful work together in coming to this agreement. He stated that “despite attempts by some lawmakers to drive a wedge between Districts and the Unions that represent educators, we were able to focus on what was best for public education and the students we serve by arriving at a fair and equitable agreement.” Gandolfo went on to say, “The lack of funding from the state is disappointing and the time is coming when educators, parents and community are going to hold legislators who dare to harm public education accountable.” The Union continues to engage with our members, our parents, and our communities to find real solutions to the challenges faced by our district.

PCTA is the certified bargaining agent for the approximately 7,400 teachers and other certificated instructional staff employed by the School District. Additional information regarding the Tentative Agreements is available by accessing the PCTA-PESPA website at www.pcta-pespa.org.