Solidarity Report No. 58


In this Issue: Care about public education?, Jeff Larsen for School Board, The biggest con, Teachers Rally to Amanda Murphy's Defense, BOO BASH, BACKPACK FULL OF CASH, PCTA-PESPA PAC endorsements

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Bargaining Survey


Your Union strives to improve the working conditions of our bargaining unit through direct negotiations with the District. Please take this bargaining survey to help our bargaining teams understand the working conditions at your worksite. It is completely anonymous and we only ask for the last 4 digits of your SS# to ensure that the survey is only taken once per member. This information will be used to help shape bargaining strategy.
Thank you, In Solidarity, Mike

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Podcast #2


"What Every Member Needs to Know" is all about your Weingarten Rights. These are your rights under the law but if you allow yourself to be intimidated and waive your rights, we can't help you. The Union is your platform to exercise your rights, to have a strong voice, and to advocate for yourself and our students. We are professionals and deserve respect, but people do not always give respect willingly. Sometimes we have to demand it!

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PCTA-PESPA will be recognized as the preeminent professional education union by each employee in the Pinellas County School System.


The mission of PCTA is to lead, support, and advocate for members, promote solidarity and respect for the profession, and serve as the driving force for the advancement of public education.