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PCTA VP Candidate Speeches4/19

Listen to the PCTA Vice President Candidate Speeches. Elections will be held next tuesday, April 23rd.Link to speeches

Solidarity Report No. 693/29

In this Issue: Grades and Money, School Hours for 2019-2020, Meeting with the Times Editorial Board, Wear Red 4 Public Ed Wednesdays, Bayside Urgent Care Center...View Solidarity Report


Podcast #12 - Wear Red for Public Ed and Walk-In on Wednesday

Brothers and Sisters,

Public Education canít afford another year of being economically starved. We are losing teachers and our students are paying the price! Join us, as educators across the state participate in a Walk-In to demonstrate, along with students and parents, our support for Public Education. If educators donít stand up for Public Ed., who will?

-Mike Gandolfo | PCTA President
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